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why my x64 process base address not start from 0x400000?

I learned from this link Why is address 0x400000 chosen as a start of text segment in x86_64 ABI? that 64-bit Linux process start address by default should be 0x400000, but on my Ubuntu, I only found my bash process starts from a very high base address (0x55971cea6000). Any one knows why? and how does dynamic linker choose the start

Linker cannot find local shared library

I’m trying a very simple exmaple to create a shared library and link to it. The shared library is as follows: Then the source code file is just as simple: I’m then compiling that into a shared library with: All good, we get an library so to test it, with the following code in teh same directory as the

Linker –whole-archive option

I am using C language. I am linking static libraries with –whole-archive. Linker is arm-none-eabi-ld For example, giving the following option to the linker: But still I get linking error: Why is the linking error happening? EDIT: Full command with output: Out put of: readelf -Ws kunit.a hal.a fs.a | egrep ‘ (mmu_init|exec_array|mmu_pagetable|_enter_kernel)’ is: Answer Why is the linking error

Mixing debug and release libraries: Windows vs Linux, static vs shared

This question has been asked a few times already, but I observe that it always refers to Windows. Which makes sense, given that MSVC fails with the following error: error LNK2038: mismatch detected for ‘_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL’: value ‘0’ doesn’t match value ‘2’ in main.obj And it seems to me that on Linux, it does not fail at build time. Answers mention

Keep gcc linker from using non-system libraries found in system /lib64 folder

I am porting a large C++ library ( and example application (coro-example.cpp) from Windows to RedHat Linux 7.4. I have very little development experience on Linux, so this is probably a ‘newbie’ question. I have libcoro and the example app compiling, linking, and running on my RHEL 7.4 VM. However, the gcc linker fails to link the app on the