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Tag: sed

How to replace newlines between brackets

I have log file similar to this format Here is the echo command to produce that output $ echo -e “test {nseq-cont {nttt0,nttt67,nttt266nttt},nttgrp-id 505nt}n}ntest{nttest1{nttvalnt}n}n” Question is how to remove all whitespace between seq-cont { and the next } that may be multiple in the file. I want the output to be like this. Preferably use sed to produce the output.

linux replace string in files recursively

I have a folder which is full of *.java files. it has the following method in it: i wanted to change this as following: I have searched in the forum and found some solutions, replce string is what i wanted so tried the following: But it throwing me the following error: I guess the old_string and new_string formates are the

Replacing line of text cointing using sed

I’m trying to replace document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘active’) by document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘noactive’) Answer You can use See the online demo. The regex is POSIX BRE compliant and matches (document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘) – Group 1 (1): a literal document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘ text (active’)) – Group 2 (2): a literal active’) text. Note the capturing groups in a POSIX BRE regex are set with (…). The literal dots need escaping and

grep to read exact data from text file

I have file test1.txt file, i am trying to read variable which is enclosed in double quotes and starting with hyphen for eg: “-color”. i trying to use this grep command cat test1.txt | grep getParm | sed ‘s/getParm(/ /;s/&/ /;s/,/ /;s/”/ /g’ | awk ‘{print $3}’ , where i am not able to read exact data for all variables

Parse From Text File into String output

So I have a text file called employees.txt that looks like this… I’m trying to write a sed script that will read in the text file then output it in the format “< name > is a < gender >, and is < age > years old now.” I know I need to set the IFS=, but I’m stuck on