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Tag: logfile

How to replace newlines between brackets

I have log file similar to this format Here is the echo command to produce that output $ echo -e “test {nseq-cont {nttt0,nttt67,nttt266nttt},nttgrp-id 505nt}n}ntest{nttest1{nttvalnt}n}n” Question is how to remove all whitespace between seq-cont { and the next } that may be multiple in the file. I want the output to be like this. Preferably use sed to produce the output.

linux bash script log output

Im having trouble getting output into my log file in my script. Backup runs successfully but the logfile is empty. WHen I run the script I get “Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.” so at least that should be in a log file. (I am using a .key file) Answer Thats because, only error