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Tag: yaml

Updating a yaml with a string containing special characters using sed

I have a yaml file that needs to be updated with string containing special characters. Here is the command I used but I get sed expression error Yaml file (file): Command that works without special characters for $var (env variable): Value for $var: fkugoiuhoiuyflkbbui/qy++bfv7J3c Error I get is: I am trying to figure out how I can get this working.

Prometheus alertmanager – invalid leading UTF-8 octet

I am trying to configure the slack notification from Prometheus alertmanager with below yml. When i start my alert-manager container it keep on restarting and shows below error. alertmanager | level=error ts=2021-01-12T04:08:19.040Z caller=coordinator.go:124 component=configuration msg=”Loading configuration file failed” file=/etc/alertmanager/alertmanager.yml err=”yaml: invalid leading UTF-8 octet” Have validated Here it shown as valid yaml Also checked with notepad++ the encoding already showing