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Tag: gitlab

If condition is failing in the GitLab CI

following is my Gitlab CI code:- I’m trying to validate the JIRA status by calling its API after retrieving Jira id from title of Merge Request. There is a problem in the If condition below if [[ “$JIRA_STATUS” == “^(Done|Completed|Closed)$” ]] as it is not validating it properly. Every time, the else condition is getting executed and printing the message

Can’t install bash in multiarch build on Alpine

I am trying to build image for linux/arm64/v8 on linux/amd64 Gitlab runner. I run it with this command: My Dockerfile is fairly simple: But it fails with: It’s Gitlab runner version 13.4.1 and Docker executor docker:stable. What can I do about this issue? Answer There were three problems with my approach: I needed to install buildx extension I had to

Gitlab avoid user login via SSH

When I create a user on Gitlab, it creates a regular user on linux and it can login using a regular SSH protocol with same password an user. How can I disable the SSH login using SSH to desired users? All my server is exposed to that users. Thank you Answer Edit the sshd_config file adding this line Read more: