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Can I Run docker on linux mint 13? [closed]

I’ve tried to install docker on my machine, following the instructions for Precise 12.04 found here.

When I try:

curl -sSL | sh

I get the result:

Either your platform is not easily detectable, is not supported by this installer script (yet – PRs welcome! [hack/]), or does not yet have a package for Docker. Please visit the following URL for more detailed installation instructions:

My kernel:

$ uname -r



You can download the short installer script to take a look at why it is giving you this message:

curl -sSL >

Doing that, I see several checks for lsb_release. Is your system missing that command? If so, see this to install it. Or maybe it’s not returning “ubuntu”. If you fix this, the docker installer script may work fine.

If that doesn’t work, you can hard-code a case for your OS (Mint?) in the ubuntu|debian case (line 243), like:

ubuntu|debian|linuxmint)  # or maybe you’ll need here: *)

When done editing (or installing lsb_release), run the script to see if it will complete:

sudo ./