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Connect issue using IPv6 on Unity3D UNET server

I am deploying dedicated server made on UNET and when I start server I try to get list of all IPs (both IPv4 and IPv6). My server is deployed on a Linux server on DigitalOcean with IPv6 support enabled, server can be pinged via IPv6 address.

When I connect via IPv4 from client to server (from NetworkClient to NetworkServer) – everything works fine, however, when I connect via IPv6 – I get timeout error. Strange thing is that it seems to work fine on Windows server (I can connect via IPv6), but doesn’t work on Linux.

I am using Unity 5.3. And when I try DNS.GetHostEntry(hostName) I get my IPv4 addresses as usual, but IPv6 addresses are returned to me in format "::", like from IPAddress.IPv6Any field, but I see them in correct format when I get ipconfig on server.

Can anybody help me out with this issue?



Unity’s support for IPv6 begins with 5.3.4p4. Please check your patch version. try to update your patch with at-least 5.3.4p4