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Delete all files except a few using bash command

I have a directory containing lot of files in different formats. I would like to know how I can delete all files with specific format (Lets say *.dat) except a few files in a same format (e.g. A.dat and B.dat). Please advise!



I’d write a little script (as a command-line one-liner it is slightly too big):

for f in *.dat; do
   case $f in
         ;;           # do nothing
         rm -- "$f";; # remove the file

As an alternative, you could use an interactive rm -i *.dat which asks you for each file if it should be removed. Answer y for the files you no longer need, and n for A.dat and B.dat.

Modern shells like zsh and bash also offer powerful globbing features for your problem. I suggest you read their manual pages, which will help you become a proficient shell guru.

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