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Eclipse: Ctrl + Shift + ? hotkeys in Linux / KDE?

I’ve recently installed Eclipse Helios (Java Developers Edition, vanilla from on my Arch Linux/KDE 4 machine to aid navigation in a large Java project. The problem is, many key bindings in Eclipse tend to use Ctrl + Shift as a modifier, and this is the same combination I use to switch keyboard layouts. Thus, if I press, say, Ctrl + Shift + T, I see no Open Type dialog; Cyrillic ‘e’ is just inserted into the editor (this is the same as if I pressed Ctrl + Shift, then T).

I know I can change the key bindings (both for Eclipse and for the layout switcher), but maybe someone knows the way to make Ctrl + Shift working in a setup similar to mine?

Thanks in advance.



One workaround (involving changing the key bindings in Eclipse, but in a way you might not have considered) is described in bug 239690:

I’ve found the workaround for the Eclipse 3.4.
Just binding the corresponding hotkey in the russian layout to the same command.

For example, for the Save command.
Menu Window -> Preferences -> Keys, find “Save“, press “Copy command“, switch to the russian layout and press the desired key combination in the “Binding” field (that was Ctrl+Ы in my case of the standard keyboard and windows – cp1251 layout)

More generally, that issue of hotkeys/keyboard layout is tracked in bug 61190, and a patch has recently been submitted.

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