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Genymotion on VMWare

I’m on Xubuntu running with VMWare on Windows 7. I’m developing an android app’ and use genymotion to run virtual android device. But from few days, when I try to run my virtual device genymotion show me this error :

(translated from French)

Impossible to run the Genymotion virtual terminal.

The Genymotion virtual terminal haven’t obtained IP address.

For an unknown reason, the VirtualBox’s DHCP server haven’t assigned IP address to the virtual terminal. Please run VirtualBox to find a solution for the issue.

For further help, please go to :

So, I followed the link and see that I should have the same IP address for the adapter and the DHCP server and explain how to modify. I change the IP of the DHCP server to be the same as the adapter. But looks like it doesn’t fix the issue because the same message appear after the modification.

A friend of mine told me to download the latest version of Genymotion. I did but there’s still the same issue.

For the reason why I’m on such virtual device is because I had lot of problem have a stable installation with dual boot windows/linux so I choose a virtualisation of linux instead. And I can’t work on windows because it’s a team work and work on windows have some conflict with work on linux.

I hope I’ve been understandable and excuse me for the language fault.


I’ve try creating a new virtualisation of Xubuntu and install genymotion to see if it was an update I mad or an other mistake I could have done that broke genymotion. But the same problem appear. I think the problem come from the double virtualisation but I don’t know how to fix it.



Actually I just found what my problem was (or look’s like). In the settings of the virtual device, in the CD/DVD (SATA) section I choose “use ISO image file” instead of “use physical drive”.

I don’t know why the issue was related with the CD/DVD. But now I can run the genymotion virtual device. It’s slow as hell but it work.

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