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Grey blank screen with various vnc services from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 14.04

So, I have been attempting to access my work computer (Ubuntu 14.04) from home (windows 7).

I am using vnc and I have tried both tightvnc, xrdp, and default vino services on work computer.

Here is what I found not working and working.

Tightvnc server/xrdp server (linux) + tightvnc viewer (windows): NOT WORKING Result: grey blank screen with X cursor Attempted diagnosis: gnome-fallback, x-windows, gdm, all variations of xstartup files I could find online. Didn’t find a solution

Vino server (linux) + tightvnc viewer (windows): WORKING if encryption disabled Very straight forward setup through Desktop Sharing Result: No matching security types! from tightvnc viewer connection Solution: gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false

Tightvnc server/Vino server (linux) + Remote Desktop (windows): NOT WORKING Result: grey blank screen with X cursor (regardless of the vino security session)

So, I now have one solution that works but I don’t feel secured with the encryption turned off. And I am really curious why I always get grey screen. Is it a security matching problem, or display problem? And are vino server and tightvnc server or other vnc server using the same ubuntu system service? Or these vnc services are independent of each other?




For the grey blank screen problem, try to use xfce4 desktop environment, install it by:

sudo apt-get install xfce4

And then create an xfce session

sudo gedit ~/.xsession 

Where place only one line xfce4-session

Then reboot your linux machine and try to access it remotely again.