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I want to delete any locally installed package from my Linux machine and use directly only packages from environment

I am in Linux system and i have 3 different anaconda environments. My issue is that probably i installed some packages locally and i cannot find them. Into the environments the rest users cannot see dnspython, certifi and pymongo packages. I am the only user that can see those packages. I want to find and delete any local package so i can use the environments with no extra packages. For example i just create a new env with name xx and when i run pip freeze i have already 3 pckgs. pip freeze

The rest users when they get into this xx env cannot see any installed package with pip freeze so that’s why i think that i’ve made something locally. Also with conda list i cannot see dnspython and pymongo packages.

conda list

I had install them through pip but with conda list probably you must also see pip packages.



I find what’s was going wrong. I had installed locally packages.

  • With pip list --user you can see all your locally pip packages.

  • With python -m site --user-site you can see the location of those locally installed packages.

  • With rm -rf * you can delete all packages inside the site-packages dir.

It was into : /home/user/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages