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Is it possible to copy files from local windows directory to remote linux directory?

I am using ssh on a remote linux machine from my desktop using putty. I want to copy a txt file which is in the desktop of my local windows machine to the remote linux directory. How can i do that using shell when i am logged in to remote machine using ssh? Thanks for the help!



Yes it can be possible, but you need additional software for that. Both Putty or Git bash will work. Since I use git as VCS, I also use it to send files from my Window 7 laptop to remote AWS Linux machine.

Example login:

ssh -i key.pem user-name@public-dns **or** ip-address

To send a file from Window to remote (like AWS ec2):

scp -i key.pem file.txt user-name@public-dns:~/

To send a directory from Window to remote:

scp -i key.pem -r directory_name user-name@public-dns:~/

To receive a file from remote to Window:

scp -i key.pem user-name@public-dns:/file-address/file.txt any_name.txt

To recieve a directory from remote to Window:

scp -i key.pem -r user-name@public-dns:/directory-address/directory any_name
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