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man 7 groff_man – No manual entry for groff [closed]

I am wanting to view more information on the Groff Macro Packages through my Man Page viewer. However, when I try to see them, they do not work.

➜  man groff
# [ as expected...]
➜  man 7 groff               
No manual entry for groff in section 7
➜  man 7 groff_man
No manual entry for groff_man in section 7

Where do I find that macro package documentation or what packages do I need to install?



Seems that even though the groff application is present on the machine, all of the other supporting docs are not. For Fedora, I needed to install the following packages.

sudo dnf install groff groff-base groff-doc groff-perl groff-x11

After doing that, I was able to execute

man 7 groff_man

and get the information I needed.

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