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Not able to connect Php application with SharePoint

I am a php developer have no experience with Share Point. I have follow these two links to get Data from Share Point into my Php application.

  1. stackoverflow question here.
  2. A Library for Share Point here.

Share Point team give me 2 IP address. What they said is, I have to login at Forti Client with first IP then second IP is used to access application in browser which is also prompted for Credentials. If I not login in Forti Client with first IP, Web Application will not work at all. One more thing is, this process is working well in windows system but not working on ubuntu (Linux).

So, My Php applications are running on AWS linux ( ec-tier ). I have to get data from Share Point.

I just want to know is it possible to get data from Share Point into my application.

If it is possible then what is the process that I should follow in order to get data.

Kindly help me with your suggestions/answers. Thank you.



Hope these links help you out.

Forti Client CLI for Linux click here.

Shell Script To Use CLI click here.

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