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ov5642 not working in 30fps

We have a customized i.MX6Q Board based on sabrelite reference board.

We have the following configuration:

Linux : 3.10.53

Gstreamer 1.0 latest i.MX6 Plugins

We connected OV5642 Camera over CSI Interface..Used the following command to display the camera output on the screen.

gst-launch-1.0 imxv4l2videosrc device=/dev/video0 imx-capture-mode=4 fps-n=15 ! imxipuvideosink

It works, but initially, it takes time to settle for few seconds, there is genlock issue

But when I modify the fps to 30, I get distorted output.. What do you think is wrong here.. Any help is appreciated…

enter image description here



Could be related to imxv4l2videosrc. Obviously you also guessed it since you also posted the same question on GitHub. Setting the environment variable GST_DEBUG=3 could give you more information. 3 means FIXME, so you would see if this is a problem some developer is already aware of. See Running GStreamer Applications for more information on GST_DEBUG.

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