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Tag: command-line

Command line execution of Excel functions

Can Excel functions be called from the command line? I don’t want any interactions with any file. I’d just like to use these functions the way other command line tools work. It should merely serve some one-time purpose. For instance, I’d like it if there were a way to do something like this: Of course, not all of the available

Run processes with priority from shell (not “nice” )

I am looking for the equivalent command to nice, but for setting process priority and selecting the scheduler to use. I need to be able to type (or include in a script) something like run-with-scheduler batch a-big-long-command, or run-with-scheduler round-robin priority 10 to set the process priority and scheduler. Everywhere I look there are article with titles “how to set

Number of processors/cores in command line

I am running the following command to get the number of processors/cores in Linux: It works but it does not look elegant. How would you suggest improve it ? Answer nproc is what you are looking for. More here :

Delete files older than X minutes

I would like to delete files that are older than 59 minutes. I have this so far: This doesn’t work and seems to delete all files. I’ve tested this several times and I think the issue is to do with daystart. I’ve read the man page and it seems to base time on the beginning of the day rather than

Backspace in zsh fails to work in quite the strange way

I’m on a fresh Virtualbox install of CentOS 6.4. After installing zsh 5.0.2 from source using ./configure –prefix=/usr && make && make install and setting it as the shell with chsh -s /usr/bin/zsh, everything is good. Then some time after, after installing python it seems, it starts acting strange. Happens with PuTTY and iTerm2 over SSH, does not happen on