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Tag: regex

bash – print regex captured groups

I have a file.xml so composed: I need to extract the following information: mayor_and_minor_release_number –> 1.0 patch_number –> 13 suffix –> -alpha I’ve thought the cleanest way to achieve that is by mean of a regex with grep command: I’ve checked with regex101 the correctness of this regex and actually it seems to properly capture the 3 fields I’m looking

Skipping a part of a line using sed

I have a file with content like so – @1: 00001109 Each line is of the same format. I want the final output to be @1: 00 00 11 09. I used command in sed to introduce a space every 2 characters – sed ‘s/.{2}/& /g’. But that will give me spaces in the part before the colon too which

Remove ” and n using sed

How to replace the below text using sed or in any other method. I need to replace the above to be like Answer A or . needs to be escaped in regex pattern. You may use this sed: You may consider this awk to remove ” and n characters anywhere in the file:

how to edit a line having IPv4 address using sed command

I need to modify an ntp configuration file by adding some options to the line containing Ip addresses. I have been trying it for so long using sed command, but no able to modify the line unless i don’t know the IP addresses. Let say, i have few lines as, server server I need to add iburst option

How do i extract some particular words from each line?

The text file has many lines of these sort , i want to extract the words after /videos till .mp4 and the very last number ( shown in bold ) and output each filtered line in a separate file Lets say for example the text file content is .. The output should be Answer You may try the below regex:

list tables from mysql dump file with sed

I have situation where I need to extract tables list from mysql dump file. I tried that with sed but got this error what did I miss in my regexp? Answer Since you are using Linux, and you need to get all strings inside the first backticks after DROP TABLE, I’d suggest using grep with a PCRE regex like See

Delete logs that ended with date format

I created the following cli in order to delete the logs with date format that oldest then 500 min date format is: the cli that should removed the logs as we can see the logs still exists where I am wrong? Answer Your regex does not match the files. Change ‘.*.log.[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2,10}$’ for ‘.*.log.[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2,10}$’ since there’s no third hyphen (nor fourth