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VATIC Annotation Tool installation – “turkic setup –database” – unknown action setup

I’m trying to install VATIC Video Annotation Tool on Linux. I followed the instructions in README file twice, always failing to execute command:

$ turkic setup --database

which gives these two error messages:

No handlers could be found for logger "turkic.geolocation"
Error: Unknown action setup

Other turkic commands, e.g. turkic status --verify give the same error messages (for a given action name).

I also noticed that source file ~/vatic/public/index.html contains links to stylesheets and scripts in turkic folder src="/turkic/file_name", which can’t be reached. Their true location is in ~/turkic/turkic/public.

Any ideas what can be wrong?



You should go into vatic folder when executing any commands starting with turkic. Only inside vatic folder “actions” will be recognized.

Make sure that you issue the symbolic link command:

$ turkic setup --public-symlink
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