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How to filter properly my access logs with GoAccess?

I want to generate a report with only the POST /xmlrpc.php requests, so I run the following command :

zcat access.log.*.gz | grep 'POST /xmlrpc.php' | goaccess -a -o report-xmlrpc.html

The results of the report are not all displayed (in the graph I see only 9 days, but I checked on the others logs and I have POST /xmlrpc.php requests almost every days (30 in total) ).

Am I using zat / grep / goaccess wrong ?



You are parsing only *.gz logs, I assume you want to parse all of them (compressed and not compressed), try this instead:

zgrep -h 'POST /xmlrpc.php' access.log* | goaccess -a -o report-xmlrpc.html
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