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How to view symbols in object files?

How can I view symbols in a .o file? nm does not work for me. I use g++/linux. Answer Instead of nm, you can use the powerful objdump. See the man page for details. Try objdump -t myfile or objdump -T myfile. With the -C flag you can also demangle C++ names, like nm does.

PostgreSQL without password prompt : .pgpass ignored

I’m trying to enable root (Ubuntu 8.04) to use psql command without password prompt (for scripting purpose). Everything worked fine with PostgreSQL 8.3, but I migrate to PostgreSQL 8.4 and the login without password doesn’t work anymore. I’ve a correct .pgpass file (the same used for 8.3), the right of /root/.pgpass are 0600 but calling psql keep asking for a

System Time change detection on linux

I was reading about the licensing of software and one question that came to my mind is that “how software detect the change in system time and block themselves if someone changes system time?”. Since there is no other reference available(provided we don’t have internet connection, otherwise we can use time servers as reference), how such software manages to do