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specflow.exe – ‘’ not found

I’m trying to run the specflow.exe that comes with the nuget package on Linux, but I am getting the below error:

sashoalm@HP:~/.nuget/packages/specflow/2.4.1/tools$ dotnet specflow.exe
A fatal error was encountered. The library '' required to execute the application was not found in '/home/sashoalm/.nuget/packages/specflow/2.4.1/tools/'.
Failed to run as a self-contained app. If this should be a framework-dependent app, add the /home/sashoalm/.nuget/packages/specflow/2.4.1/tools/specflow.runtimeconfig.json file specifying the appropriate framework.

I found the file:

sashoalm@HP:~$ locate

How can I make specflow.exe use it?



SpecFlow <= 2.4 has no .NET Core support, so you can’t execute the specflow.exe with dotnet specflow.exe.
You can try to use Mono to execute it. So it’s mono specflow.exe