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get most recent file (with same name) in subdirectories

Suppose you have 10 projects in subdirectories project_1, …, project_10, all in parent directory projects. All projects use the same lib, in project/project_n/lib/mylib For particuliar reasons, mylib has to be copied in each project directory. mylib files are modified from time to time when working in different projects. But usually modified on one project and not propagated on others. I

PostgreSQL without password prompt : .pgpass ignored

I’m trying to enable root (Ubuntu 8.04) to use psql command without password prompt (for scripting purpose). Everything worked fine with PostgreSQL 8.3, but I migrate to PostgreSQL 8.4 and the login without password doesn’t work anymore. I’ve a correct .pgpass file (the same used for 8.3), the right of /root/.pgpass are 0600 but calling psql keep asking for a