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Tag: binutils

Why does link against unexpected location?

I have installed a new glibc in /root/tools/ in debian which already has a pre-installed glibc. For testing the new glibc, I type : produces a.out, then type: it shows But type ls -l /root/tools/lib/ , it shows /root/tools/lib/ -> Why does in new glibc link against in /lib64 ? How to explain this ? Answer then

How to embed data in shared library?

For example, I want to embed dicmap.bin to a shared library I write a program to verify it. But its _start, _end and _size is invalid. end-start and size should be sizeof dicmap.bin (198600798). My objcopy is binutils-2.30-54.el7 of rhel7 with devtoolset-8. I try to add share flags to the .o file, but a error happens: binutils-2.27-41.base.el7_7.1.x86_64 of rhel7