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Tag: environment-variables

How to use Ansible to add Linux environment variables

I’m trying to add environment variables to a Linux machine using vars like below: I’m using this task to add the variables to /etc/environment. But I’m getting the error below: What am I missing here? Answer The playbook below works as expected and created the file I only added the parameter create: true to avoid error msg: Destination /tmp/environment does

Environment variable error while trying to create a solver in OpenFOAM 9

I’m trying to create a solver in my /opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-9/applications/solvers/electromagnetics directory using sudo foamNewSource App newSolver. But, I keep getting the following error: And then, although I can see a newSolver.C file, I cannot see a Make directory and neither the rest of the files. I’m running EndeavourOS Linux x86_64 with kernel 5.15.6-arch2-1 and shell bash 5.1.12. I installed the openfoam-org

Can’t connect to a MongoDB server

I’m trying to deploy this Fullstack app to a DigitalOcean droplet: I installed MongoDB like how to documentation said and then I started it and didn’t do anything else (I don’t know if I need to actually make a database or not this is the first time I’m using MongoDB). Then I cloned the repo, then I installed NPM

C++ setenv resolve other variables

I am using c++ and setenv to set a variable like in this program below: The output I get is “TEST=$HOME/test”. However I want the output be like “TEST=/home/toboxos/test”. I found nothing using the linux manual. Is there any function resolving the environment variables or have I to do this by myself? Answer This substitution you’re expecting is a feature