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Tag: ffmpeg

Debian Linux Update FFmpeg to 4.2+

I’m trying to use spotdl with FFmpeg on Debian Linux. I’ve install pip3 and the necessary installations in order to download spotdl. Now, however, when I try to run a request with spotdl, such as download a song or something, I get this message: How do I update FFmpeg to version 4.2 or greater? I couldn’t figure out a way

Concatenate directory and file name in GNU parallel

I have the following directory structure: I would like to convert all .ogg files to .wav with GNU Parallel. Here’s where I got thus far: The problem here is that although obviously directories have different names, the files inside have the same name. The aforementioned command will continuously overwrite the content of the directory. What I’d like instead is: Essentially,

Ubuntu FFMPEG dynamic image file name

I currently have a directory full of a variety of mp4 files, and I am currently able to loop through the whole directory and screen caps at every five second interval. Currently, the command names them starting at “00000001.png” and increments for the next screen cap, but I would like it to use the file name along with the numbers

Discard images from a group of similar images

I am generating images (thumbnails) from a video every 3 seconds. Now I need to discard/remove all the similar images. Is there a way I could this? I generate thumbnails using FFMPEG. I read about various image-diff solutions like given in this SO post, but I do not want to do this manually. How and what parameters should be considered

youtube-dl sometime hangs with “[ffmpeg] Correcting container”

Ubuntu 16.04 I have a bash script that attemts to download a youtube video. The output is below. The problem is that sometimes it works perfectly (completes quickly). But most of the time it hangs on “Correcting container….”. Does anyone know why? Answer I installed the latest ffmpeg and use the following: /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl -q –no-warnings –fixup –prefer-ffmpeg — ffmpeg-location /usr/local/bin

ffmpeg img to video = Could find no file with path

i try to convert img to mp4 with ffmpeg. i try to do it like this: and get an error: The jpg file-name format is: anyone can help, where is mistake?… Thanks! Answer To match all jpg files in /tmp/stream use: For more specificity use additional glob patterns. For example, if you only want images from 2017-11-08 to 2017-11-10: For

Enabling libmp3lame for FFMPEG on elastic beanstalk

I am trying to enable libmp3lame with FFMPEG in elastic beanstalk (Amazon Redhat Linux machine). I am able to successfully install FFMPEG in /ffmpeg.config with the following script: I need to install libmp3lame however. I’ve tried to do this with an –enable-libmp3lame flag and the directions here. The modified script: This doesn’t work. Command 01-install_libmp3lame completes. Command 02-ffmpeg_install fails because:

Overwriting TS Stream File with FFMPEG in Linux

I’m trying to convert rtmp streams to m3u8 stream. To reach that aim I use FFMPEG. Now, there is no problem with converting and downloading. However, it writes lots of .ts file such as channel0000.ts,channel0001.ts,channel0002.ts. Per every 10 seconds, 1 ts file is created. In this point, I want a single ts file. In other words, I need overwriting because

ffmpeg HLS transcoding and chunks upload to remote server

I am trying to create a so called origin server for storing the hls chunks and the manifest file on a remote server. The sending machine running ffmpeg is with IP: and the web server which has to store both the HLS chunks and the manifest file is with IP: My ffmpeg transcoding command line is: But no