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Deploying jar to unix server

Currently, in order to deploy my program to my ubuntu server, I have to do the following steps. 1. Compile the code using Gradle 2. Using FileZilla to move the jar to my server. 3. Connect to my server and find the process to kill it 4. restart the program. I am curious if there are any alternatives to this

Extract class names from JAR with special formatting

How would I extract all the available classes from a Jar file and dump the output, after some simple processing, to a txt file. For example, if I run jar tf commons-math3-3.1.6.jar a subset of the output would be: I would like to convert all / to . And all $ to . Finally I would also like to remove

Java executable jar cannot be executed as ./program.jar on OS X

Using Linux, I run some programs I’ve written in Java by compressing them in a jar with a manifest file and then placing them in a personal directory that has been added to my $PATH as follows: program.jar file2 file2. It works well in any directory I point my console to, I can even do program.jar file1 | less or

Stopping an unknown process in linux server

I have this command in my deployment process. But I want this process to stop and then restart while deploying in linux server. I checked and found that this is simply a JAVA process, and I can’t simply kill JAVA as other nimbus and supervisors are running too. So, how can I stop this process? Answer Your oneliner kill: (I

Jar doesn’t execute on linux

I exported an executable Jar file from Eclipse. On Windows when I double-click the file, it executes properly. When I run it from command line with java -jar MyJar.jar it also works. But when I upload that file on my linux VPS and try to run it there, I just get the error Error: Could not find or load main

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException with log4j

I am trying my first project with gradle. My project has a dependency with log4j-1.2.17.jar After my project is built, a jar file is generated. I try to run this with the following: But if I build a fatjar with gradle, the fatjar works without specifying any classpath. The dependency statement in gradle is like: Answer Yes, AbtPst is correct.

In C# , how to set English time zone when formating a DateTIme?

private static SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(“dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss Z”, Locale.ENGLISH); string startTime = formatter.format(DateTime.Now); //请求时间 Those are Java codes. Can you help me convert the Java codes to equaivlent(equal) C#(.net) codes? I know to use DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss Z “) ,but the core problem is that I don’t know how to set the time to English time. I have struggled for half a

How to distinguish same jars started from different directories?

I started several (eight) jar files with the same name from different directories and different config files. Now I have to kill a specific one. But neither jps and ps gives enough information to distinguish them. How could I find out which java process was started from which directory? Platform : linux (ubuntu server) Answer from the man page it