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Tag: libc

Installing libc6 2.33 on debian

I would like to install libc6 2.33 onto a debian docker container for security patch reasons. I can see here that it has been released, and also it is noted here that 2.33 is available. Is there any easy way to get this installed onto a debian docker container? Is there a hard way to get this installed onto a

Why does loading the libc shared library have “‘LibraryLoader’ object is not callable” error?

From the ctypes module can load C functions from shared libraries/DLLs on-the-fly and translate simple data types automatically between Python and C semantics as follows: On Lubuntu 18.04 I was wondering why loading the libc shared library has “‘LibraryLoader’ object is not callable” error? See also Answer You’re confusing lower case cdll (which is a LibraryLoader) with upper

Putty: Network Error: Software caused connection abort

I have RHEL 6.8 Machine installed in a VM. I moved one file from /lib64/ to /lib64/backup/. Since then I am not able to connect to that machine through Putty or WinSCP. Both the tools give the same error. Software caused connection abort. As I haven’t created this VM, I don’t have permission to restart it. But will restarting

version `GLIBC_2.11′ not found while using gcc

I have problem using gcc/g++ after I changed the machine I use, I installed gcc-4.9.2 in my previous machine, when I moved to the new machine, I copied gcc folder to the new machine. When I try to use I get this error : I have already checked this question : `GLIBC_2.11′ not found If it says right, the version

Is malloc/free a syscall or a library routine provided by libc?

If malloc/free is implemented as a library routine in libc, then is it implemented on top of the sbrk syscall or the mmap syscall, or something else? And to be general, does the function declared in sys/syscall.h contains ALL the system calls in the target machine? Answer malloc and free are standard C library functions which are to be implemented