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Tag: node.js

Node.js logging gets an issue when log files are rolling by OS.

I have Node.js application which is running under Linux system and uses log4js logging library. Log files are daily rolled by Linux rolling system. The question is the following: somebody know how force the log4js to recreate and use original log file when it’s renamed somehow? Note, Log4js continue writes log into renamed file (seems, stream descriptor is kept). Please

jsreport failing on looking up extensions

So I recently started working on a linux machine (ubuntu 16.04) and followed the installation instructions here When I run npm start –production I get And I have no idea why. It was working fine on mac but now it is looking for this non-existent tmp file in ember. I’m at a loss, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Node “No such file or directory” with certain packages

I installed two packages via npm: alsatian@1.0.0-alpha.7 gulp@3.9.1 As I am using nvm to manage my node versions, the CLI files for the two packages were installed at the following paths: /home/james/.nvm/versions/node/v6.3.1/lib/alsatian/cli/alsatian-cli.js /home/james/.nvm/versions/node/v6.3.1/lib/gulp/bin/gulp.js When I run the command gulp, the command runs correctly. However when I run the command alsatian I get the following output: I replaced both CLI files

Installing node.js 6.3.1 – no such file or directory

I’m trying to install the latest version of node on Elementary OS based on Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve purged all other version of node. I run this command as explained in a few places on the web: Then I get this output: Any ideas? Answer You want to use as the URL and not returns a 404 whereas

How to suppress npm WARN deprecated messages in bash

I have several version of node.js installed in Linux Mint 18.0. I manage them using nvm. Because of a project dependency, I need to have version 0.10 as the default version (nvm use 0.10). As a result of this, every time I start my terminal, I get the following output: How do I suppress these messages? Answer You can suppress

Browsersync on Linux

I did install Browsersync on Ubuntu using command line: Now, I went to check for version: where I get error message: What should I do now? Answer I got it fixed installing nodejs-legacy: Then checked back to be worked: Thanks to @Biffen for his tip 🙂