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Tag: php

smartctl not working from cron job

I have a problem with smartctl Have updated from version 5.4 to the lastest version 6.4.. No change.. Same issue It works fine when running the command smartctl -H /dev/sda directly from the command line But when running the command from a cronjob its not working as it should. Here you can see the cron job settings.. Its running as

Cannot Get Laravel Welcome Page to Show

My server is on DigitalOcean cloud. I am using Ubuntu with Apache web server. My home computer is running Windows 7. I am using putty for terminal. Followed all of the directions on Made it up to 8:40, where it directs you to run php -S localhost:8888 -t public. I run that, then open a web browser and tried

How to extract dd-wrt firmware image for development?

I am a beginner in dd-wrt firmware development. I have a Linksys router (Model Number E900) and download the suitable firmware for this model from dd-wrt website to customize this firmware web pages for some personal requirements. I know dd-wrt is allow to open source development. I using firmware mod kit for rebuild the firmware. But a problem when I

Run Krpano From PHP in Linux

I am creating a PHP web app to run on Linux where user can upload their spherical image and my script will turn it into VR image . I have created one but it runs on Windows and have no clue on how to port it to Linux. I have downloaded Krpano for Linux from its official site and successfully

How to interact between webpage and an actual program

What I have: A program (c++) on a server (linux) The program can be executed with command line parameters The program finishes after a while and produces continously output (“log.txt”) What I want: My idea is to have some kind of user interaction with that program: The user opens a website which shows some inputs (checkboxes, etc.) After submitting (POST)

php using exec with screen

I have a need to start three processes through my PHP script. Those processes live in the /home/user/server directory, named server-one, server-two and server-three. The process are also capable of accepting commands through their consoles, so I would need them to live in their own screen with a name so I can use -X stuff to give them commands. As

Open Linux terminal command in PHP

I have a server running on Linux that execute commands to 12 nodes (12 computers with Linux running in them). I recently downloaded PHP on the server to create web pages that can execute commands by opening a specific PHP file. I used exec(), passthru(), shell_​exec(), and system(). system() is the only one that returns a part of my code.