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How can this bash script be made shorter and better? Is there a way to combine multiple curl statements and if statements in bash?

The main script is scheduled and runs everyday and prints the success message everytime. If the status code is anything other than 200, $Status_code_1 or $Status_code_2, whichever is down prints the error code. The code is working fine but I want to know how can it be made shorter. Can the curl command from first 2 lines be combined because

Chain SSH script

Let’s say I have 3 linux servers. I need a script that will login from s1 to s2 via ssh, then from s2 to s3 via ssh, then check, if there is already exists string in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys from s1 then do nothing otherwise do s1 and s2 are constant, s3 can be variable. ssh from s1 to s2 already settled

run a command with a file pattern

I have this file patterns.txt And I want to run a specific command for every pattern like this: I tried to used for loop like this: but i didn’t work Answer The 2 typical approaches are: and Note that I would expect both of those to fail, since scp expects at least 2 arguments. How you want that 2nd argument

Find the closest match between two files in unix

As a beginner i’m looking for a solution in shell scripting, I have file1 with content as below lines: And file2 with filenames and their modified timestamp. I’m looking shell script solution where it can tell the closest match in timestamp in the between both files. Like timestamp_x and timestamp_y comes in between timestamp_1 and timestamp_2. Thanks Answer If your

Wait Until Previous Command Completes

I have written a bash script on my MacMini to execute anytime a file has completed downloading. After the file download is complete, the mac mounts my NAS, renames the file, and then copies the file from the mac to the NAS, deletes the file from the mac and then unmounts the NAS. My issue is, sometimes, the NAS takes