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Tag: scripting

Grep a line then print awk until a certain substring

My code is But, I want to have $9-$20 be stopped when it hits a value like (0) or (1). This will make my output format and look a lot nicer because anything after (0) or (1) is garbage. Does anyone have an idea on a way to implement that? Input: Output: EDIT: THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT

Using awk command to go through a text file and incrementing counters for morning, afternoon, and night sections of the script

I am using awk to go through a text file that has information of finished scripts then says complete (morning) then informaton of finished scripts then says complete (afternoon) then information of finished scripts then says complete (night). I am trying to keep track of the finished scripts for each block. The way I am doing it is… However the

Bash script unexpected result for while loop

I have following bash script to stop Apache server. I am not getting error but an unexpected result. I got the following answer which I do not expect to be, with an infinite printing: I expect to print: Could anybody please tell me what is happening? Answer This doesn’t work the way you seem to think it does: You want

Python shell script open less with +F option

I have the following Python script, all seems to work how I want it to, except for the following: less opens with the option -F, this will follow the file like Tail would. to inspect (move through) the file the user has to ctrl + c to send an interrrupt. when sending the ctrl +c (interrupt) this gets send to

Reading username and password from file

I’m looking at a away of reading the username and password of a file and inputing those to either add user or delete user. EG: I have a file named ‘userlist’ with the following content with this format: What I don’t understand completely is how to use BASH script to add these accounts. What I have so far is this:

How to programmatically check for connection?

In Linux (Ubuntu), I want to programmatically check if there is Internet connection (or if eth0 is connected). I’m doing this because I am writing a program that requires network connection on a system that is highly prone to lose connection. So I was thinking maybe a script that I can run periodically to check. Can you give me good