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Tag: sockets

C++ Sockets – Client gives segmentation fault (linux)

I created a server/client connection. The server and client both are compiling correctly but when I run the client, it gives me a Segmentation Fault (core dumped) I don’t know what I am doing wrong with my memory allocations. The program is not dangling or anything. I think my program is writing to a read-only portion of the memory, or

Can socket send fail cause a daemon program crash?

I have two applications running on Embedded Linux board. One runs as a daemon and other acts as an interface for it. They communicate with each other using Unix sockets. As to handle any abnormal termination of socket, I tried terminating the interface application [ctr+c]. But as a result, the daemon application crashes. Since the socket is terminated, I get

What is the integer value of AF_UNIX?

So, I’m trying to write some JNA code to work with Unix sockets, and I’m trying to reference AF_UNIX for sockets. I looked through some of the gcc included files, but I couldn’t find anything. Answer On my Ubuntu-machine it is defined in /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/socket.h as 1. I haven’t checked around in other Unix source trees, but I have a feeling

Linux Socket Bad File Descriptor

I couldn’t find a duplicate, so I decided to post. We’re getting into Sockets (beginner-level) now, and was given the code below to make the client send a simple message to the server by using send() and recv(). However, everything I have tried doesn’t seem to get rid of the error: Bad File Descriptor and newsockfd always returns the value

When using PF_PACKET type of socket, what does PACKET_ADD_MEMBERSHIP?

When using a PF_PACKET type of socket with protocol type ETH_P_IP, the man packet documentation talks about a socket option for multicast. The socket option is PACKET_ADD_MEMBERSHIP. Assuming you use PACKET_ADD_MEMBERSHIP socket option on a PF_PACKET socket correctly, what features and benefits and use cases is this socket option for? Right now I receive all incoming IP packets so I

errno after accept in Linux socket programming

As stated in accept() man page in RETURN VALUE section: Error handling Linux accept() (and accept4()) passes already-pending network errors on the new socket as an error code from accept(). This behavior differs from other BSD socket implementations. For reliable operation the application should detect the network errors defined for the protocol after accept() and treat them like EAGAIN by

OS X UDP send error: 55 No buffer space available

While I was implementing RUDP in python3.3 on OSX10.9.1 I noticed that the following code actually does not do what it does on linux: (it doesn’t matter which language, same behavior for C, Java and C#/Mono) This code just keep writing a lot udp packets to, those packets get dropped after 4 hops so they should not reach the