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Tag: tomcat

Cannot execute command as another user with sudo

I have this code, that is running on tomcat: And my file: From command line, the script is executed excellent and I see results. But when executing it from tomcat I get this message: I cannot solve this problem. I need your help. P.S: Sorry me for bad english. Thanks! Answer I guess that the problem occurs because the

How to create multiple URLs for JIRA and Confluence?

Task: We have a several DNS aliases (ex., DNS aliases connected to JIRA Server by IP Need link, ex. from to Need link, ex, from to How next? any ideas? Thank you for the Help! Answer On your webserver, you need as many Virtual Hosts as domains you have declared, and each Virtual Host

Run a bash script to shutdown tomcat from another directory

I have two scripts, one to run the application shutdown for Tomcat server, and another that calls it when deploying. So basically after Jenkins builds my application, and moves the deploy-able artifact to the server (linux). Once that completes Jenkins kicks off a script to do the deployment of the application on Tomcat. That deployment script calls another script to

Maven: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundErrorexception, but jars are downloaded in .m2

I have a tomcat project: tomcat/webapps/Project. That project makes use of org.json library, the dependency is written in pom.xml file: I have installed maven on my server and run this command, while in the Project directory: mvn install Then I checked /root/.m2/repository/org/json/20180813 folder and the file json-20180813.jar is there! However when I restart my server: and try to make

How tomcat handle multiple concurrent request at the same time?

How tomcat handle multiple concurrent request at the same time ? Does it queues up the requests or processes some of the requests in parallel ? If it processes requests in parallel , how does it returns the asynchronous response ? Does it keeps the connection open with client until response comes ? If the tomcat uses a multi threaded

Not able to stop the tomcat server in linux

I am trying to stop the tomcat server through linux command. using the above command is giving following error message : I have started the server using ./ stop command. Answer I found the way to kill the server, first I found its process Id using : ps -eaf | grep tomcat then killed the required process using its processId