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Tag: delete-file

Remove Files older than 3 years

I need to remove any file in the directory that is older than 2 years old. It is very important that I keep the newest files and delete the old files. I have searched and found this. Can I just multiply the number? Is there a way to add a switch that will print the file name to the screen

Command Line to find and delete Similar files in Linux

I want to find and delete all the “similar files as shown below” recursively from the specified directory of my Linux Server by Using COMMAND LINE…. “file.php?p=10&file=load%2Fnew Animations 1%2FAwesome_flowers-(text1).gif&sort=0” “file.php?p=10&file=load%2Fnew Games 1%2FAwesome_flowers_-(text1).gif&sort=1” Note: All these files having different file sizes and The mathed text is in all files is “file.php?p***” Answer This should help you to delete files recursively.. find