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diff compare directories by filename only

Is it possible to use any sort of diff utility to diff based on filename only, excluding the file extensions? I have multiple dirs that have various versions of a file, ie, media.mp4, media.jpg, etc. I want to make sure all versions were made for each file (1000s). So /dir1/ and /dir2/media_99.mp4 would yield a TRUE condition. Man diff

Find and copy specific files by date

I’ve been trying to get a script working to backup some files from one machine to another but have been running into an issue. Basically what I want to do is copy two files, one .log and one (or more) .dmp. Their format is always as follows: something_2022_01_24.log something_2022_01_24.dmp I want to do three things with these files: find the

Copy a file from one directory to another in C++

I am writing a C++ program to copy one file from one directory to another. I don’t want to use C++ 17 features. I have already implemented this in the following code. I am on Linux and I want to use the OS cp command to do this. I have written this code. The error is: cp: source: No such

How to find what folder process can’t open

I have an application that is not functioning, because it can’t find or open the folder. But it does not print the folder path. How i can find out what folders it tries to open or locate? Probably folder does not exist, or has wrong permission. But to fix this i need to know what folder application is opening… Answer

How to skip multiple directories when doing a find

I’ve written a find function that searches for a string in each file in a given path, while skipping a list of directory names that I don’t want searched. I’ve placed this script in my .bashrc file to be called like so: The find portion works great, and it colorizes the search text so that it visually stands out!, but