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Tag: macos

Setup Jupyter inside Fusion’s CentOS 7

I am trying to install Jupyter inside CentOS 7 VM (that I already had) so I can access it via port 8888 at my host Mac laptop. However, I cannot figure out the networking piece. I am changing the IP address to 200.100.x.x for convenience From Host Machine I have 2 adapters for that CentOS VM $ ifconfig gives me

grep usage for date in a text file

I have some data in a text file like below: Now i want to fetch CPU Usage/Timestamp pair at a time like below: And, Memory Usage/Timestamp pair at a time like below: I tried grep -i “CPU Usage” testFile.txt | grep -i “Timestamp”, but it fetched the complete data irrespective of CPU Usage/Memery Usage. How can i do this so

How do I get vagrant halt to successfully shut down debian jessie vm on yosemite host?

Whenever I attempt to run vagrant halt, it says “default: Attempting graceful shutdown of VM…” but eventually times out and says ” default: Forcing shutdown of VM…” sometimes this works and sometimes it leaves the VM in running state, according to the VirtualBox UI. Here are the details of the system: Host: OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, Virtual Box 5.0.4, w/extension

How to start a VM though Vagrant

I have never used Vagrant before. Now, Im investigating to use it for my project. Here is my problem so need some help from every one. Currently , I have a CentOS guest that has been installed via Virtual Machine in MAC host. Im going to install Vagrant into MACbook then I want to use Vagrant command line for control