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Tag: mono

How to redirect the output from desktop-entry

I have a program called prg.exe written in C#. I want to run this program in mono with an argument (arg1) and redirect the output to a log file called log.txt. If I open a terminal and enter the command: everything works fine. When the program is finished, the log.txt file is created, which contains any error. Now I want

https “bindings” in Linux with XSP4 server

I’m sitting with a bit of a interesting situation. I have a customer that want to try and host their ASP.NET WebAPI from a Linux server. Obviously setting this up on Windows is reasonably straight forward, but I’ve gotten stuck at the point where one needs set up the “bindings” for the application. Simply running xsp4 –https –p12file=cert.pfx –pkpwd=lolno results

View CIL of C# code on Linux with mono

I want to inspect the generated CIL code of the following C# source file on Linux: When I compile and run it everything is fine: But how can I get the human readable CIL output? Answer Mono disassembler, extracts IL code from an assembly: Full reference can be found here: Dis/Assembling CIL Code (Mono Project)

F# on Linux – targeting net4xx

I’ve got both mono ( and dotnet core (2.1.4) installed on my Linux Mint (18.3) machine. I want to create a project using VS Code Ionide: Ctrl+Shift+P -> F#: New Project -> console. This goes without problems. However, when I try to build it, I get: error MSB3644: The reference assemblies for framework “.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1” were not found. To resolve this,

How to fix ‘cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory’ error?

I’m trying to run a C# application in a ubuntu Docker container with mono. The application runs correctly in a windows environment. I just copied all the directories to the docker volume. I can build the application using the following command without errors or warnings: msbuild CSharpSampleLSV2.csproj /t:Rebuild /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=”x86″ But when I try to run the application using the

Where is mono’s log file?

I’m having an issue with a program crashing on mono, I have an idea why but I can not confirm it as I can not find the log location for mono on ubuntu. I’m developing on windows however I’m deploying to a ubuntu server. So my question is, where is the standard log location for mono on ubuntu? Answer I

Starting a process using systemd on Linux: different behaviour using “su root -c”

We have a SignalR push server using Mono/Owin on a Linux Debian server. We perform a load test and we get a different behaviour according to how the push is started on systemd Working: ExecStart=/bin/su root -c ‘/usr/bin/mono –server mydaemon.exe -l:/var/run/’ Hanging after around 1k connections: ExecStart=/usr/bin/mono –server mydaemon.exe -l:/var/run/ We may reproduce the different behaviour anytime: in the second