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Integrating Crashpad with Qt on Linux

I am trying to integrate Crashpad into Qt application on Linux. I am using Bugsplat database for testing and I followed this tutorial and managed to build this “dummy” application, which should serve as an example of using Qt with Crashpad. I have made minor adjustments of files to fix build for my Linux platform, primarily making change of version

Unable to access menu item in QML through shortcuts

This is the code with QtQuick.Controls.12.2. It displays properly but when I press Ctrl nothing happens. I expect the print statement to execute. What am I doing wrong here? Answer Indeed it looks like it’s not possible to use a single modifier (Ctrl/Shift/…) as a shortcut value. (See this similar question) Will work: Will not work: A possible workaround for

Can I use QFile to truncate a write protected file?

I am not running the application itself as root. Rather than do a convoluted With QProcess, I would rather simply open /sys/devices/system/cpu/intel_pstate/min_perf_pct and truncate a number into it. It would look something like this: Is there a way to do this without having to start or run any other part of the application as root? I am using pkexec for


I want to compile this which requires Qt 5.14 and I have Qt 5.12 installed from my linux repository.I just compiled Qt from source and installed it in /usr/local/Qt-6.0.0/(default location). But CMake prints the following error although I’ve added set(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH “/usr/local/Qt-6.0.0/include”) and/or set(CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH “/usr/local/Qt-6.0.0/”) : Answer Since it has solved your question, I am just going to put it as

QT diconnect from wifi

I need to disconnect from current access point. I wrote this piece of code: How can I disconnect from wifi? Or should I use C/C++ (some API) for that? Answer You can use QProcess and run system commands to connect and disconnect WiFi like below but this is Linux solution: Replace wlp3s0 with your WiFi interface name. You can find

Compile Readline for x86 system (static mode)

I am writing a program in QT Creator, for the x86 architecture, using Debian 9 x86. The program will use GNU Readline library [8.0]. Also, my program must be statically built (QT is already statically built). For this I downloaded Readline from here. Then performed the configuration for the static assembly: then i performed the construction: and installing libraries In

How to link properly Dcmtk with Qt for Linux?

My goal is open Dicom files and convert thes into cv::Mat to process them with Opencv. I have compiled dcmtk 3.6.3 on ubuntu 18.4.1 and tried to link it with Qt 5.11.1 with Qt Creator 4.6.2 but failed to do so. and for the main: #include and I got this errors: Answer The error indicates that the linker could not

How to add webrtc native apis into my qt project?

I have been in trouble for a few days, so I really need some exports of webrtc to help me. I compiled successfully with the source code by ninja, and I can run the peerconnection example. I add the static libraries(.a file) into my qt project one by one, and then I set the include path to the source code