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Tag: firefox

Laravel images not shown in any browser while firefox throwing “Image x cannot be displayed because it contains errors” error

My laravel app’s images are not being shown in Firefox Chrome or Edge Firefox shows a more explicit error saying “The image [image] cannot be displayed because it contains errors” ie: the following image is not being shown: but a txt in the same folder is being shown so it does not seem to be problem of wrong symlink

Openbox. Open different firefox profiles in specific workspaces

I need something like this when I start my openbox session: But all solutions that I’ve found uses the Windows Name parameter, and that doesn’t work very well. (I’ve tried modifying my openbox’s rc.xml and using wmctrl and a couple other solution, but all in vain) Is there a direct solution for my problem? Thank you! Answer UPDATE EDITED ANSWER

Retrieving data from moz_places in places.sqlite in a shell script

I am using Ubuntu, my firefox version is 19.02.I am using sqlite3 version 3.7.9.I want to build a shell script that kind of involves retrieval of url from moz_places table in places.sqlite file location of places.sqlite file–>/home/akshayaj/.mozilla/firefox/x3epy44.default/places.sqlite location of my shell script—>/home/akshayaj/Shell Scripts/ My script so far:- sqlite3 .mozilla/firefox/x3epy44.default/places.sqlite “SELECT url FROM moz_places” It is giving an error: Error:unable to

iMacros + FF : Linux, command line

I want to run iMacros script with Firefox, under Ubuntu, by specifying the script in the command line. Unfortunately, the browser only opens the file as text and not runs it… Any clue? Answer You should manually add the macro to your browser then save it under a name of your choice. Then you can call it with