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Tag: java

How can I resolve Windows vs Linux properties file paths?

I have a java project on a Windows box which builds successfully and all tests pass locally. This project is then checked in and built with Jenkins on a Linux box. The problem I am having is related to path issues in my properties file which is used for running tests. I point to a resources dir for part of

IntelliJ Linux LWJGL 3 Add natives to

I wanted to try out the new LWJGL 3 which is currently in kind of a “beta”-state. Embarrassingly I can’t even get the HelloWorld example ( to run. package org.lwjgl.glfw does not exist is all I get. I added the lwjgl.jar and disruptor.jar to my module dependencies, but I guess I’m missing something about the natives here. I tried adding

Execute a JAR file in a specific JRE

I have been looking at this question and although it shows how you can execute a jar in Windows, it does not show how this can be done in Linux (preferably CentOS). How can I execute the .jar file I made in Linux? Here is what I have on the command line: UPDATE: I have tried this: I ran: Answer

Add JDK in Linux to run IDEA

I’m new in Linux & read a lot solution about add JDK in Ubuntu but not work! :/ I want to install JDK in Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu 12.04-i386 and downloaded JDK 8 and add “/home/user/Soft/jdk1.8.0_20/bin” to “/etc/enviroment”. I run IntelliJ IDEA 13 (Community Edition) well, also write some project but after some day when I want lunch it,it says:

0 NATIVE_LIBRARY_NAME cannot be resolved or is not a field with Linux + Eclipse + Java

I get an error on Core.NATIVE_LIBRARY_NAME like so: Stacktrace: I had settled the NativLibrary path at the following location. /home/…/OpenCV/opencv-2.4.5/build/lib I had followed the instruction on but it doesn’t creates any opencv2.4.9.jar file I am working on ubuntu 12 and eclipse with opencv api suppoert. so help me if you can to generating and building the jar file in

what is the correct* usage with Linux?

On Linux (Ubuntu 14.04), this code hangs after “got contact list” is printed: Examining the library, would seem to use JNI to connect with Skype. At least for me, the connection never seems to occur. Is it even possible to use this to connect to skype? How do I know why why it’s not (apparently) connecting? Answer While this

Unable to claim interface: Resource busy

I am working with USB4Java (the low-level version) and am basically working from this code here. I’m working in Ubuntu, and I was running into a problem about permissions but was able to resolve by running eclipse using gksu from the terminal. Now I am having a new problem: When I get to the point in the code here: I’m