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PHP-FPM can’t access files in home directory — stat EACCES — “File not found”

I recently updated PHP-FPM to version 7.4.2 (on Arch Linux) and noticed it stopped working (everything was fine before) by responding “File not found” to all clients. The process, and also nginx, run under my personal user account (kevin UID 1000). Nginx serves static content from my home directory /home/kevin/.web just fine but PHP-FPM can’t execute PHP scripts in it.

PHP Code Is Not Executed For PHP 7.2 On Aws Ec2 Instance

I am trying to install php on aws ec2 instance. Since php 7.2 is not available, I used following commands to enable few repos as suggested in this Link sudo yum install epel-release sudo yum install sudo yum install yum-utils Then I enabled a remi repo to run using sudo yum-config-manager –enable remi-php72 Then I ran sudo yum install

shell linux don’t execute commande

I have this command and it works fine on shell. I want to run it with php but it does not work what i missed : edited : $arg=”arg1″; $arg2= “arg2”; after this change no error on output but still commande not executed edited : the original commande is like this : and i want to around the probleme with

Geting the private ip for the docker network from within the container to configure xdebug remote_host

So using docker and docker-compose I like to provide tools built into the containers so that other people in the development team don’t have to struggle with setting up bits and bobs. In this specific case I’m having issues configuring xdebug. It works absolutely fine using connect back when debugging from a browser. But trying to get xdebug working through

How can i implement escapeshellarg inside a URL?

The user supplies two variables via a HTML form called username and name. They are used to execute a shell command which is currently unsafe. I have the following PHP code: I am trying to implement escapeshellarg, but can’t get it working by following the official PHP documentation, i have tried: But this is not working and i think its

Can’t install php7.2-ldap on Ubuntu 18.10 – “unmet dependencies”

Recently I’m working with Laravel and LDAP (Active directory) authentication. But I can’t install php7.2-ldap, I also tried to install in php7.3 but failed. Currently I’m using ubuntu v18.10 with multiple php version. I tried: $ sudo apt-get install php7.2-ldap and got this output I also tried $ sudo apt-get update and upgrade also before do it. Answer is