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Tag: protractor

Chromedriver works manually but fails when ran from Jenkins Slave

I have a Jenkins slave node setup with LinuxMint. So we can do some browser testing on a Linux box in Chrome and Firefox. I have the latest Chromedriver installed where the test can run it and when I go into /var/jenkins/workspace/<project name>/TestAutomation/SeleniumFramework manually and do my run npm <test name> the tests launch the chromedriver and run successfully. When

Protractor Js run to linux machine

I have protractor tests in my angular project, and when I would like run it i catch next exception log: And before it I see browser window with next url: data:,. UPD protractor.conf.js UPD2 If I use seleniumAddress: ‘http://localhost:4444/wd/hub’, I catch next exception: Help me please run this test in my pc. Thanks a lot. Answer If you want to

Configure saucelabs for jenkins

I am trying to run my protractor tests on my Jenkins server which happens to be a Linux box (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6) which has no browser. So i did some research and realized I would have to use saucelabs. I do have saucelab account. So i was confused on how to edit my conf.js file and