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Tag: selenium

Selenium driver throws error on Ubuntu 18.04

I am porting my code over from Windows to Ubuntu, I went ahead and installed java, and all the drivers, and built my jar file. While executing it, I am getting this error. I downloaded the Linux 64bit Chrome Driver for this. The error seems to be starting from my jars main class line 17, which is this line. Here

How to add Chromedriver to PATH in linux?

Trying to use Selenium with Chrome in a python script. I get the following error: I know the location of the chromedriver executable. How do I add it to the PATH? thank you Answer You can specify the absolute path to your chrome driver in your script as such: Or you can add the path to your webdriver in the

Chromedriver works manually but fails when ran from Jenkins Slave

I have a Jenkins slave node setup with LinuxMint. So we can do some browser testing on a Linux box in Chrome and Firefox. I have the latest Chromedriver installed where the test can run it and when I go into /var/jenkins/workspace/<project name>/TestAutomation/SeleniumFramework manually and do my run npm <test name> the tests launch the chromedriver and run successfully. When