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Tag: rhel7

getifaddrs returning ‘bad file descriptor’/crashing the application

In my program, I have a thread which has to continuously monitor the network interfaces therefore it continuosly uses getifaddrs() in a while loop. Most of the time my program works fine. However, sometimes getifaddrs() returns -1 and errNo = EBADF(bad file descriptor). In order to not exit my thread, I have temporarily replaced exit with continue(as I don’t want

Node JS process running under PM2 and file permissions

I have a small node.js (v13.5.0) server running under PM2 (v4.4.0) on a RHEL 7.6 box. As a part of it’s function it writes a small CSV file to the disc for every incoming request. This app is writing these files with the perms (rw-r—–). The user I am having PM2 executing my process as has umask set to 0022.

SSH Key Exchange with alternate user

So I am using RHEL 7. I have two servers with the following user accounts root (obvious) admin I want the setup to work in the following manner. passwordless SSH from server 1 to server 2 using the admin user, but the SSH initiation is done from the root user always. We are not allowed to do ssh key exchange

Complete removal of php and all of it’s dependencies o RHEL7

I am trying to uninstall php and all of its modules from a RHEL7 server completely and do a clean install later. Things I have tried till now using yum – sudo yum remove ‘php*’. After the above command i can still see that php is not uninstalled. Please help. Answer You could also add this option to /etc/yum.conf: clean_requirements_on_remove=1.

Not able to create SSIS DB Catlog in linux RHEL 7

I am not able to create SSIS DB Catalog on my MS SQL Server which is installed on Linux RHEL 7 Server. Though I have installed SSIS on Linux RHEL 7. Whenever I am trying to create SSIS DB Catalog i am getting this error. TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio The path to the catalog backup file could not

Running jre keytool results in the Permission Denied error

I have a script running the command: Got the error: Checked all permission on the directories and keytool – all are executable. I am at RHEL-7 Answer A lot of Distributions do not allow files to be executed from within the /tmp directory. Either move the jre out of /tmp (why is it even in there?) or make it executable