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Tag: ssh

SSH Key Exchange with alternate user

So I am using RHEL 7. I have two servers with the following user accounts root (obvious) admin I want the setup to work in the following manner. passwordless SSH from server 1 to server 2 using the admin user, but the SSH initiation is done from the root user always. We are not allowed to do ssh key exchange

How to run remote script on multiple host simultaneously

I have a great amount of Linux servers to maintain. Frequently I need to run a script ( on all of them to get the health status, this script usually takes about 30-40 seconds to give an output. To facilitate maintenance tasks, I’m writing a shell script that uses SSH to loop through all remote hosts, run, collect output

How to do dynamic port forwarding using Ruby

How do I do SSH dynamic port forwarding on Ruby? I tried to use gems such as “net/ssh/socks” and “net/ssh/gateway”, but it looks like they are already outdated because I can’t even require them. All I need to do is run this shell command and receive the PID of this process. I also tried to use Kernel#system and Kernel#spawn. For

How to run ssh over an existing TCP connection

I want to be able to SSH to a number linux devices at once, behind different NATs. I can’t configure the network that they are on. However, I’m having trouble getting ssh to go over an existing connection. I have full control over both my client and the devices. Here’s the process so far: On my client, I first run

/proc/meminfo not updating when reading from ssh script

I have the following script in bash: I have my host PC and a target PC which I am copying to. Before I run this script I have already scp’d a big file into /tmp on the target. When I run this script it copies the file /tmp/big ok, but when it enters the loop to sync the flash and