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install opencv on centos for java

I’m trying to install opencv on my centos 8 server to be used by java program. I followed the instructions here. after configuring opencv, I get the following result: I have already installed java on my server (by using sudo dnf install java-11-openjdk-devel, but I have not installed ant). in order to make opencv ready to be used by java,

Zip command on Linux includes whole folder structure

I’m currently incorporating continuous integration on a project I’m working on at work using Bamboo. We are using ANT scripts to do the build automation, and as the final task we’re using the linux Zip command to create a release zip file. The problem is that the zip file contains the whole chain of folders leading up to the release

Correct version of Ant not being picked by Linux

I get this really annoying message when working with ant on Linux. I export my ANT_HOME=/home/ganesh/org.apache.ant_1.9.2.v201404171502/bin Then i modify my path such as export PATH=$ANT_HOME:$PATH. But then when i run ant i get the error as Error: Could not find or load main class Should there be a bin at the end of the ANT_HOME variable? If i remove

Compare time-stamp of a remote file with a local file using Ant

I have an installer file on my remote machine with name and i want to copy that file into my local machine(linux-CentOS) under /media/Data/Installer/ directory using ant ftp task. I am able to copy the installer from remote server to my machine if the installer is not already present in my machine but when i again run the build.xml

Exec command in Ant only executes first command

I want to list the permission of every script in directory dir/bin. But the below command only runs “ls” in the directory where the script is with below code rather than every script in dir/bin. Since script.xml is there in maindir, it just does a ls inside maindir. There are 2 problems: Performing ls -l & not just the 1st

error=2, No such file or directory at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start

I’m using Fedora 18 and JDK 1.7.13 installed in /usr/java. All executable files under bin folder have -rwxr-xr-x permission. I set both ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME in my ~/.bashrc as: and I have a build.xml file which says: but after running ant I got this exception: /home/m/workspace/build.xml:58: Execute failed: Cannot run program “keytool” (in directory “/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_13/jre/bin”): error=2, No such file

ant: warning: unmappable character for encoding UTF8

I have seen numerous of questions like mine but they don’t answer my question because I’m using ant and I’m not using eclipse. I run this code: ant clean dist and it tells me numerous times that warning: unmappable character for encoding UTF8. I see on the Java command that there is a -encoding option, but that doesn’t help me