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Having Apache httpd listen on port 80, but not started as root?

I would like to have my Apache httpd launch as non-route user (httpd) and still listen on port 80/443. This server will be running on a Linux host. Given that the first 1024 ports are reserved, how would I go about having a reserved port handled by a non-root daemon? Alternatively, can I run my apache on a non-reserved port

Remote access to web server on linux

I have access to a server running CentOS 6.7 on which I installed apache and configured the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file. I can see the webpage if I ssh to the server and run but I would like to access it using a real browser. If I try to access it from my computer, it tells me that this webpage is unavailable

Where is, installed with yum?

I have a combo of Centos 6-Apache-Passenger-Ruby. Install was made following instructions here. I also have whm, which means changes to httpd.conf must be made by click. While trying to include /etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf, tells me there is an error because: Cannot load /usr/local/apache/modules/ into server. Problem is this line at /etc/httpd/conf.d/passenger.conf: Last part of the sentence should point to actual,

cron-job linux apache ssl

I have a server installed with apache2 and drupal 6. In my server, I have installed a module which need to use cron. I have a SSL certificate installed too. In my crontab y have this configuration: My server work but if I write this configuration in my sites-enabled/000-default: my module with cron stops working. This is my error in

PHP popen Application cannot open shared object

I’ve created a simple C++ Application with the boost framework. The Application is running correct from the command line. After this I’ve created a PHP file with a popen to this binary. After visiting the website I’ve got the following error message from apache2/error_log System is openSuse Linux. Steps done: Insert lib path to /etc/ and running ldconfig Answer You

Two different projects (different index.php’s) on same server

I’m trying to run two different php frameworks on the same server. The framework to use is determined by the first path in the uri. So for example: will go to the index.php located in: /var/www/html/api/api And everything else ( will go to the index.php located in: /var/www/html/api2/public Here is my apache 2.2 config: I’ve been attempting to do

WebVirtMgr NGINX -> Apache2 configuration

will anyone help me with transferring configuration from Nginx to Apache2? I dont know what to do with headers editing… Thanks According this: Answer Found solution! Just make you sure, that you have libapache2-mod-wsgi installed