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Tag: azure-web-app-service

Azure + gunicorn + flask + Azure Web App Linux: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘flaskr’

the use case I have followed the flask tutorial on those pages: The project directory is the following : run the web app The web app works by running the script ‘’. the code works on my local machine (ubuntu 20.04) but not on azure web app for linux the flaskr/ files the error message Answer I had

Package import error when running Python 2 app on Azure App Services

The application works fine on my local linux server but I have trouble of running it on Azure. I checked the Files folder and all python libraries are installed correctly under /antenv2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages. Here is my pip requirements file: But when gunicorn starts, it generates this error. I don’t know why protobuf can’t be imported while other libraries like Keras can

How to connect Azure Web App througt a Hybrid Connection to Oracle Linux

I was looking for the way to connect my Azure Web App using a hybrid connection to my On Premise Database server, Oracle Linux. Any suggestions? greetings. Answer Unfortunately, Hybrid Connection Manager does not Support for Linux. The Hybrid Connections feature requires a relay agent in the network that hosts your Hybrid Connection endpoint. The reply agent (HCM) is not