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GTK C++: Could not find signal handler Did you compile with -rdynamic?

I am new at GTK programming and I am facing the following issue. I can compile the code without any warnings or errors however when I execute the binary I get this massage and the button does not work. The error looks like this: (project:9686): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:26:31.359: Could not find signal handler ‘on_button_clicked’. Did you compile with -rdynamic? That

GdkPixbuf change opacity

Is it somehow possible to set the opacity of a of a GdkPixbuf to about 50%? The thing is i am writing in Gtk2 (cannot switch to Gtk3!) a filebrowser widget (for a remote file transfer) and I want the icons of the files to be 50% transparent if the file is hidden. I get the icon using GFileInfo and

How to make an overlay which capture no events

I would like to draw some sort of window on top of all the other windows. For example, to display some debugging infos (like conky) or things like a timer. The main thing is that I would like to able to continue using the other windows while using it (the events go through transparently). I’ve tried doing it with pygtk,

How can I put my GTK application in the desktop menus?

I started with programming a little time ago and I created my first running application with GTK 3.0. I did not use Glade, I do not know if worth highlight it. My code is working perfectly, but now I have a doubt, how can I make my own desktop menu application? I mean, I want that my application running up

Julia Gtk Windows do not display outside REPL

I am trying to use Julia with the Gtk package outside the REPL. Using this code: in the REPL works, but the same code put in a test.jl file and using: in the command line does not work. I have tried the method written here: The code runs but no window appears. If it’s any help, I’m on Manjaro

strange output from g_print

I get the following error when I compile my code: file.h: In function ‘add_new_set’: file.h:7:53: warning: format not a string literal and no format arguments [-Wformat-security] g_print (gtk_entry_get_text ((GtkEntry *)((struct data *) callback_params)->entry)); here’s my code: now when I press the button to run the g_print part, If I type in ‘%s test’ I get: (null) test now this seems

Raspberry PI remote debug GTK error

I’m using NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 on my Win7 machine to develop Raspberry Pi opencv C++ application. I’m building & debugging the application remotely on the Raspberry Pi from my Win7 machine. At run time the application fails with “Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:” error when reaches the line: When I’m running the exact same application from the Raspberry Pi and

GTK/GDK Algorithm to take full screenshots of all monitors

I’m fairly new to the whole GTK game and want to create an algorithm to take screen shot of all monitors. I was thinking something along these lines: gdk_display_manager_list_displays each display can have multiple screens (screens means monitors?) so use gdk_display_get_n_screens to get monitors per display from 1 get root gtk window of all screens from 2 create new Pixbuf

Ubuntu GTK+3 Eclipse Link

Is there any simple tutorial on linking gtk+3 libraries with eclipse indigo cdt on ubuntu platform? As I googled, I have been trying to use the pkg-config commands but still getting same result; the SDK cannot resolve gtk methods. I downloaded libgtk3-dev and gtk3 from synaptic properly. I included all the headers properly from C++ settings – gcc compiler –